A King-Name At Last From The Seals




The Kala Kalas, according to the Buddhist texts, were great Ordainers of Time. The name Chaldaean may be derived from Kaldu. In the Indus-Saraswati era Kala-Kalas were probably priest-kings.

Vŗşaparv‚ is associated with some unforgettable myths in the Indian tradition.

Yay‚ti was the son of Nahuşa who corresponds to Nweos or Nwexos . Mishra writes,


The Puranas give long accounts of Yay‚ti's valour, sacrifices, sensuousness and his ultimate disgust with the pleasures of the senses. However what strikes us most significant is his marriage with Sarmishth„, the daughter of the Asura king Vrsaparv‚ and Devayani, the daughter of Shukracharya, the priest of  Vrsaparv‚. It is specifically mentioned that Yay‚ti's kingdom bordered on that of  Vrsaparv‚ where he happened to meet Devayani.